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EMAX Pagoda 2

Post added on July 31, 2019

EMAX Pagoda 2

The Pagoda antenna is an omnidirectional circularly polarized antenna design that I created. My main design goals were:

  • Good omnidirectional radiation pattern.
  • Good axial ratio.
  • Reasonably small.
  • Easy to manufacture within fine tolerances at low cost, even for a hobbyist.

I did not try to make any specific aspect "perfect", because this usually comes at the expense of other aspects, and they are all quite important.

I quickly realized that the easiest and cheapest way to get arbitrary shapes manufactured within fine tolerances is to use regular PCBs. Of course this limits the design to flat shapes, so the real challenge was finding a design with a minimal number of PCBs that would achieve the desired properties. The final design is the result of months of simulation and tuning. I won't claim that this design is perfect, but it does seem to have a smoother radiation pattern and a significantly better axial ratio than most other antennas.

Maarten Baert

Product type Video antenna
Brand EMAX
Radio frequency (megahertz) 5800
Height (millimeter) 30 - 80
Radiation pattern Omnidirectional
Antenna gain (dBi) 1.2
Axial ratio 1.3
Polarization Left hand circular polarized (LHCP) - Right hand circular polarized (RHCP)
RF connector type SMA - RP-SMA
Coaxial cable RG402
Weight (gram) 10

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